Friday, March 25, 2011

Respect For Marriage Act is to Respect Sin

The Respect For Marriage Act does not truly hold or have a respect for the institution of marriage as its name appears to suggest, and in this post you will discover why.  First of all, what is it and where is it originating from?

This 'would be law' is being proposed, and sponsored by a Senator in California, Dianne Feinstein.  Furthermore, what The Respect For Marriage Act is hoping to legislate into law, if able to successfully repeal DOMA through Congress, is that "same-sex couples - if married in a state that recognizes their unions - would be eligible for federal benefits such as Social Security and survivor benefits, etc."

While the proposal of this law may appear to sound noble and for the benefit of the underdog, and that is the gay, lesbian, and homosexual community and their recognition by federal law of same-sex marriages or unions, it really is NOT.

First of all, The Respect For Marriage Act has NO respect for God, because it has no respect for biblical and traditional marriage as declared, instituted, and set forth in the Constitution of His Word by Him---THE HOLY BIBLE and, thus, in its efforts to legislate this apparent law upon repealing DOMA, proves to only demonstrate and legitimize a respect of willful sin (i.e. homosexuality) by mankind.

Regrettably, 15 years since passing the DOMA LAW, peoples beliefs and values has likewise been on a moral and spiritual decline.  And if the Pew Poll is accurate - 45% of adults now support same-sex marriages while 46% oppose it.  However, what this suggests is NOT any type of advancement in our society, but rather a digression, as multitudes of people have allowed themselves to become tolerant of what the Bible clearly categorizes as SIN, and furthermore CONDEMNS, likewise compromising God's truth.

Finally, supporting The Respect For Marriage Act or any type of immoral or ungodly behavior of any kind is to likewise respect and promote what has been biblically classified as sin, and will prove in the end to not be for the overall good of humankind, but rather to its ultimate detriment.

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