Monday, March 28, 2011

The Emergence of Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriages

There was a time when homosexuality was not as public as it has become now.  At one time, it was viewed as shameful and grave sexual misconduct.  This behavior was often kept hidden, and kept in the closet, so to speak, by those engaged in this type of lifestyle.  However, now homosexuality and elesbianism has become up close, and personal.  Furthermore, it is a controversial issue that has been flooding the headlines, and regrettably this type of lifestyle has touched the holy institution of MARRIAGE.

In recent years, states in America has been legislating and performing wedding ceremonies for gays and lesbians, which is widely known today as same-sex marriages.  So why is this happening and becoming prevalent in a once Christian America?  It is because homosexuality is no longer regarded and viewed by a multitude of people, such as the president, federal judges, secular as well as some Christian denominations, as to what it truly is and that is a SIN.  This is what can be labeled ladies and gentlemen as religious tolerance or indifference and it is only continuing to spread as many toss up their hands in willful compromise.

A classic example of compromise, I believe can be seen when a popular Christian owned ebusiness known as eHarmony, underwent a legal battle against a New Jersey man who accused the company back in 2008 of discrimination for not including and matching same-sex partners. Consequently, eHarmony, which was launched in 2000 and widely recognized and heralded as the No.1 Trusted Relationship Service Provider, decided to settle and end the legal battle, and as of today likewise provides gay dating services.  While some may call the allowance and acceptance of same-sex unions as progression, I can only classify it as a moral regression by which the Lord will once again have to judge the world.