Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DOMA: Gay Marriages Miss the House in Rhode Island

A small DOMA victory happened in Rhode Island, and that is “Gay Marriages could not pass the House." Edith Ajello, a prominent Providence progressive, admited that the proposed bill fell short of the required number of 38 votes by at least to 6-8 needed to pass the Rhode Island House.

This was speculated to be one that rivals could easily take to the bank by some same-sex advocates.  Furthermore, even Senate members are somewhat perplexed as to why they should be pressed to vote on a bill with a public outcry on a bill believed to be already dead on arrival in Senate.  Senator Robert Flaherty, D-Warwick remarked, “The Senate’s not going to pass.” Continuing he classified the action as an "exercise in futility."

So as you can see this is yet another great victory within DOMA’s reach.  While we celebrate at this moment there is still a lot of work to be done.  As Marriage Equality Rhode Island is still promising its supporters that the bill will still pass some time this year. However, please know that your pledge of monetary or verbal support is making a huge difference!